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I am an Assistant Director of Nursing Services and Quality Assurance & Improvement Coordinator and have been using the Event Tracking System, ETS since January 2001.

I find it an excellent tool for tracking of incidents, accidents and injuries for my residents. With ETS, I can generate reports and graphs that are excellent for safety reports and quality assurance. I can modify or add to the tables in ETS to make them specific to my facility. The system is easy to use and support is always available if I should develop any problems. I am also free to ask for changes or additions to the ETS system that will help me obtain the data that I need.

I can also track what shift and time the incidents occur and type of injuries, thus enabling me to develop performance improvement activities to achieve positive outcomes. Our facility is JCAHO accredited and the reports are helpful in meeting their standards.

The graphs are impressive and add professionalism to my reports. Since I had been doing these reports manually, the amount of time saved enables me to attend to my many other duties. My Administrator, Director of Nursing Services and members of the Board of Directors are also impressed with the reports. Staff Development is also initiating this system to track employee incidents by computer rather than manually, again a time saving initiative.

I am looking forward to tracking last year’s reports with this year to identify our facility’s trends, problems and concerns.

-- Terry Elmstrom, RNC
Assistant Director of Nursing Services and Quality Assurance & Improvement Coordinator
Long Beach Medical Center, The Komanoff Center for Geriatric and Rehabilitative Medicine

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