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Current Version: 2.3

This system was designed to provide your admission staff, social services, nursing and business office with instant bed availability and resident information while entering a minimal amount of data. Although many billing packages offer optional census reporting, many experience time delays caused by the lag time due to generating resident bills. KWICK-CEN is completely independent from integrated systems, which has proven to improve accuracy and timeliness.

KWICK-CEN may be used to share data with our "SATS" and "AWOL" systems.
    KWICK-CEN Supports the following reports:

  • CURRENT RESIDENT CENSUS - (Report contains: name, room #, sex, bed reserve start date, primary language)
  • CENSUS TOTALS - (Report contains: total males, total females, total bed holds, total residents, % of occupancy)
  • AVAILABLE BED REPORT - (Report contains: list of available beds by room and bed number)
  • BED HOLD REPORT - (Report contains: resident name, room, sex, bed hold start date, number of bed hold days)
  • BIRTHDAY REPORT - *(Report contains: room & bed #, resident name, date of birth, age)
  • RELIGION REPORT - (Report contains: room & bed #, resident name, religion)
  • MISC. RESIDENT INFO. REPORT - *(Report contains: SS #, room & bed #, name, medical record #, Medicaid #, Medicare)
  • ETHNIC CENSUS REPORT - *(Report contains: SS #, room & bed #, resident name, race, primary language)
  • ACTIVITY HISTORY REPORT - (Report contains: resident name, activity description [discg., transfer, bed hold etc.] date of action)
  • CENSUS/MDS-VERIFICATION-REPORT - Kwick-CEN will automatically verify if your current census data is missing @U-DS data-(race, date of birth, language etc.). This routine alerts user to download MDS submission disk to update Kwick-Cen database. (Report contains: SS #, resident name)
*data extracted from MDS. all reports can select one or all units, screen or printed output)
    Product Features:

  • Instantly locates resident room for visitor & delivery inquires
  • Bed availability list by specialty unit, sex & language
  • Exports responsible party name & address for mail merge & mailing label
  • On-line help screens
  • Fully networkable
  • Password protection
  • Built-in data back-up routine
  • Retains activity history for tracking resident movement
  • Automatic verification of census data to MDS submission data
  • Imports MDS submission data for expanded reporting
  • Reports can be viewed on screen, or printed
  • Very easy to use and maintain

System Cost $595


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