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Our "MicroRugs" software system has been in existence since 1987 and has an impressive list of facilities currently utilizing this system. Facilities using the state’s system have been converting to "MicroRugs" for the valuable management reports, which are standard. There are over 20 reports, which provide every discipline with an excellent method to monitor patient care as well as case-mix. The quarterly and full house submission routines are flawless and easy to use with many built-in editing routines. "MicroRugs" even includes a menu driven back-up data routine, which is quick and effortless.

PRI Processing and RUG-II Case Mix
    Product Features:

  • Process RUG-II State Submissions
  • Generate useful quality assurance reports
  • Calculate a facility case-mix as needed
  • Built-in backup
  • Format PRI data for state submisison (no longer mandatory)

    Product Reports:

  • RUG-II Facility Case-Mix
  • Full PRI Forms
  • Many QA reports based on PRI questions, dates, and more

System Cost $1,800


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