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Current Version: 3.64.1

Automated Consumer Assessment Profiles (ACAP) allows you to key DDP-1, 2, 4 data into a computer for: DDP-2 scoring, identify high impact questions for a higher case mix score, converts score percentiles, computes add-ons, defines GNeed, ISPM scoring and complete reporting of unmet needs

Handles all of your DDP Reporting Requirements Automatically
    Product Features:

  • Enter DDP-1, 2, and 4 data
  • Process DDP-2 scoring
  • Export consumer data
  • Many census and reports
  • Online help system
  • Network capability
  • Additional modules for added functionality

    Product Reports:

  • DDP 1, 2, and 4 Forms
  • FACE Sheets
  • Census Reports
  • Population Summary Reports
  • Summary Reports based on consumer needs, ethnicity, disabilities, and more
  • Able to generate four graphs:
    • Consumer Type
    • DDP-2 Age
    • GNeed Percentile
    • ISPM

Consumer Mix Analyzer Vocational Status Module Worksheet ISP Module Res. Hab. Plan Module

Click on any of the optional module names above to learn more about it.

System Cost $2490


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