CAD-Care Discontinued
A recent management decision has been made to halt all further development of our CAD-Care (MDS) system. The changing economic climate in the New York State health care field has left us with no choice but to discontinue the software.

Read the full story for how this will effect your maintenance...

As of June, no more bills for CAD-Care maintenance will be sent out. Those facilities with anniversary dates past June will no longer be eligible for maintenance or updates. Facilities that have already paid the yearly maintenance will receive support for the system up until October or until MDS 3.0 is fully implemented. These facilities will receive a prorated reimbursement payment for the rest of their payable year.

For any questions regarding this change, please call our office with the latest contact information provided on our site.
3 Jun 2010 - 15:14 by Pete Cad Care | comments (0)


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